Dos and don’ts while booking an airplane ticket online

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Just like the rest of the world, India has also been taking to the online airplane ticket reservation system.  And with the COVID-19 crisis, this trend will soon be the norm. While the advantages of booking air tickets online are many, it also makes users more prone to cybercrime, phishing scams, and other fraudulent activities. The best way to keep oneself safe in cyberspace is to choose a reliable air ticketing portal that employs a secure payment gateway for all financial transactions.

And nothing is better than cheap air tickets from a safe website so that you can enjoy your travel care-free! If you want to get the cheapest air tickets booking online in India, then IRCTC Air is the place to look. Here are some things that must keep in mind when booking airline tickets online.


  1. Opt for midweek flights: In line with a simple supply and demand logic, airlines price their tickets higher for the weekend because of higher demand. So, try to book yours on a day that falls in the middle of the week to avail of good airfare deals.
  2. Book a meal/accommodation package: You can save big by opting for a meal and air ticket or hotel stay and air ticket package as you will not have to spend more separately. IRCTC Air offers its users a wide range of pocket-friendly combos for meals and accommodations that you may check on
  3. Always check your mailbox for offers and newsflash deals: If you are loyal to a particular website such as IRCTC Air, then make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and never miss out on travel suggestions, tips, and hot deals.
  4. Look up baggage allowance and cancellation charges: It is always a good idea to check baggage allowance and weigh your suitcases to avoid last-minute extra charges. And while IRCTC Air is quite quick with refunds, it depends on the cancellation policy of your selected airline so read those to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  5. Get travel insurance: Don’t want to spend extra money on travel insurance? Then just have it for free by getting your airplane ticket booking from IRCTC Air. All the tickets booked on our portal are applicable for free air travel insurance up to Rs. 50 lakhs*. Isn’t that something!


  1. Avoid travelling on the actual holiday: Contrary to popular belief, flying on Christmas Day or Diwali is actually a lot cheaper than regular days. While the holiday weekend may see a surge in prices, travelling on the actual day of the festival is relatively cheaper.
  2. Forget to check visa requirements before booking international flights: This not only applies to the countries you’re travelling to but also includes those that you’re transiting through. Some countries require a visa even for passenger layovers so apply for those in advance.
  3. Be afraid of the layover: Some airlines give passengers an option to extend their layover and include that destination in your vacation. So what can be better than exploring two places at the price of just one!
  4. Search for multiple tickets at a time: Travelling in a group? Still search for only one ticket first and check the price. If you look for a cluster of seats together, chances are that you will end up getting the highest fare class for all the tickets.
  5. Shy away from shoulder-season travel: We know that Europe in winters or Bali in summers may not appeal to you instantly but travelling off-season has its perks. You can avoid all the crazy tourist crowds and get air tickets at a very reasonable price.

To travel smart, follow our tips and complete airplane ticket bookings easily on the IRCTC Air website or app.