Getting cheap air tickets made easy with IRCTC Air

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Want to get your hands on cheap air tickets? We’ll tell you how! A lot of us have to travel constantly for work, to meet our friends in different cities or just for a quick weekend getaway. But spending a lot of money for a short trip of just 2 or 3 days doesn’t make sense. So, how can you save some cash without cancelling your plans? Here are a few tips and tricks.

  • Choose a reliable website: The importance of selecting the right air ticketing portal for all your bookings cannot be stressed enough. You must have heard of people losing their baggage in flights or overpaying for tickets because they were too lazy to look for cheap air tickets. If you don’t want that to happen, then must find a website like IRCTC Air that offers users competitive air fares, lowest convenience charge, easy payments, fast refunds, LTC claims and most importantly, free air travel insurance. Why pay money for insurance when you can protect your life and baggage for free? So, next time you want to buy cheap air tickets, download the IRCTC Air app to save money easily.
  • Book tickets in advance: We’re sure that you must have heard this hack time and again. But if you want to do a trip on a limited budget, then planning and booking well in advance is the key. From hotel reservations to air tickets, you can get a deal better on every booking if you do it a few weeks prior to your actual date of travelling. And if you think that last minute flash sales or steal deals will save the day for you then this might not be the case. While it is true that air ticket sales look attractive and promising, chances are that you’ll still be paying a higher price for the same ticket even if you buy it on sale as compared to someone who booked 2 or more months in  advance. This is especially true if you’re travelling with your entire family and the little extra price you pay for every ticket adds up to a lot. So, if you’re planning a vacation during the summer break, the first thing you need to do is book your tickets maximum by mid-March. If there are chances that your plan might change, then you can always opt for refundable tickets.
  • Subscribe to mailers and newsletters: Multiple airlines offer points and rewards to loyal customers that can be redeemed for bookings in the future. Several air ticketing portals also share tips for frequent travellers, important guidelines, suggest destinations, etc. So, it is a good idea to subscribe for their newsletters to keep abreast of any new benefits that you can utilize. At IRCTC Air, we also like to stay connected with our users through social media and send out monthly mailers covering important, relevant topics such as new features of the app, popular tourist places, and steps to book etc. And if you want to take a look at our newsletters, you can visit

Finding cheap air tickets can be quite easy once you start following these simple tips. For instance, next time you want to book cheap air tickets from Delhi, all you need to do is visit the IRCTC Air app on your mobile phone, enter Delhi as the city of departure, fill in the other relevant details and your tickets will be sent to you via email. How simple is that! Similarly, if you want a cheap air ticket for Delhi, you can just enter Delhi as the arrival destination and you’ll be good to go! This is how IRCTC Air is changing the entire air ticketing landscape in the country. By offering competitive fares and the best services, we make travelling a better experience, one booking at a time!