Exploring India’s Hidden Gems: Destinations You Can Fly to with IRCTC Air

It is the wish of every Indian passenger to travel abroad as deep down they are aware that it will broaden their horizons. It is a good opportunity to experience and explore the new traditions which are usually completely different from our country. Besides this the new destinations, infrastructures, festivals, technology and landscapes are also enchanting enough to excite the explorer inside you and prompt him to travel on an International destination.

If you are also looking for an International trip then you should know how to find the lowest fare international flights because if your international flight fare is going out of your budget then that can potentially ruin your whole trip. So before you book your ticket from any other random website, make sure you check out IRCTC which offers cheapest international flight with remarkable services. Apart from this one thing is also very essential to know which are the most popular international routes in India.

Top 10 most popular International routes in India

Mumbai – Dubai: Flights from financial capital to the Home of the world’s largest building Burj Khalifa is famous among tourists.

Delhi – Dubai: Take the air route of place famous for biggest market of spices which made our cuisines flavorful to the place which is known for the world’s only 7-star hotel

Cochin – Dubai: Fly from the city known for oldest Portuguese houses to the place where people come from all around the world for shopping, because it is the home of world’s largest mall.

Delhi – London: Take the air route from the city which was once bound by 14 massive gates, Delhi to the home of Queen of England Elizabeth, London.

Delhi – Tokyo: The tallest minaret in the world is seen by travelers flocking to the city which has the largest seafood market.

Delhi – Kuwait: Fly from the city that is known for its largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Asia to one with sixth largest reserves of oil.

Delhi – Amsterdam: Fly from the city with One of the busiest Airports of South Asia ‘The Indira Gandhi Airport’ to the city which has 165 canals.

Mumbai – Amsterdam: Flight route from the trailblazer of architecture Mumbai to the place has more over 7000 monuments is famous among international travelers.

Chennai – Bangkok: Fly from the city which is popular for its biggest artificial sea port to the city which holds the reputation for the longest name of a city.

Kolkata – Bangkok: Fly from a popular domestic air route and land of durga puja, Kolkata to the city where you are greeted with ‘Sawadee;, Bangkok..

These are the most famous International routes in India and all flights of these routes are available on IRCTC Air app. This app gives you the lowest fare international flights with stunning in-flight services. You can opt for your desirable flight according preference and choose from one-way, round trip and multi city trip options.

For booking your ticket you have to simple go to IRCTC Air website and fill in your arrival and departure city, departure and return date, number of passengers and your desirable class. IRCTC also allows you to book LTC package, which is for government officials who can take 2 trips within 4 years. This LTC package is paid by government provided passengers book the cheapest ticket.

IRCTC Air’s search engine finds numerous online booking portals and compiles the best result for you. IRCTC Air allow its customers to search domestic and International flights and check the details of their flight like baggage wait, duration and ticket type. IRCTC Air’s ticket cancellation policy is also customer friendly where passengers can get a refund if they have to cancel their ticket due to some unforeseen circumstances.

If you are planning to go to Dubai, Amsterdam, London, Bangkok and anywhere else in the world don’t forget where to book your tickets from. These four cities are the most popular destinations among travelers world-wide. These cities are famous for their delightful cuisines, architectural structures, party life and so on. So, don’t wait for your next vacation, pack your bags and go make some pleasant memories of your life.