Exploring India’s Hidden Gems: Destinations You Can Fly to with IRCTC Air

India is a cluster of myriad cultures as well as diverse geography. It is difficult to get the true essence of India in one lifetime as it is constantly developing and transitioning from old to new.

There are places where time stands still and there are places where things move at such a rapid pace that one cannot breathe easy till they have figured the city out.

There are many types of travelers who have specific travel needs. For example: A business traveler looking to book air ticket from Mumbai to Delhi will want short duration of the trip. This is because he may have meetings in other cities on the same day.

A leisure traveler on the other hand would not care too much about the duration of flight. Nonetheless, he may want low fare air tickets for domestic flights as he will be able to see more places within his budget.

Some travelers will be eager to go to picturesque places like Dharamshala and Meghalaya to capture stunning natural landscapes and scenic imagery.

Top 10 Domestic routes in India currently are:

Mumbai – Delhi – Flights from financial capital to the real capital are popular among business travelers.

Mumbai- Bengaluru – From the city which started India’s first bus service to the IT hub of the country travellers fly in and out of Mumbai and Bengaluru daily.

Bengaluru – Delhi The place credited with the birthplace of Rava Idli witness a lot of travellers take flights to the largest market of spices, Delhi

Bengaluru – Mumbai The high altitude of Bangalore which is 3020 ft above seal level is observed by plane passengers flying to Mumbai which has a coastline of 150 kms.

Kolkata – Delhi – A popular domestic air route is from the land of durga puja, Kolkata to the city which was once bound by 14 massive gates

Delhi – Pune – The place which is home to the tallest minaret in the world sees air travellers flock to city which has defense and commercial airport operating from the same strip

Delhi – Hyderabad -Fly from the city that is home to the largest wholesale fruit and vegetable market in Asia to the city of pearls

Mumbai- Goa- Fly from the city that is home to geological wonder Gilbert hill to Tourist’s paradise Goa.

Delhi – Chennai- Air route between bird rich capital of Delhi and Chennai which has the biggest judicial structure is a popular one

Mumbai – Chennai – Flight route from the trailblazer of architecture Mumbai to the place with the biggest artificial sea port Chennai is a popular one

Flights to these places and others are easily available on IRCTC Air wherein you can alter your search as per the trip you want to have. Passengers can choose from one-way, round trip and multi-city trip options.

They simply need to enter the arrival and departure destination point of their journey, departure and return date, class of travel and number of passengers. LTC packages which give government officials the chance to take up to 2 trips within 4 years that are fully paid for are also available on this user-friendly website.

Air tickets to Delhi are most popular among people who indulge in domestic travel as it is not only the capital of India but an important cultural, commercial and transport hub. After performing the search guests can check the details of their flight like fare break up, baggage details, duration and price of flights as well as ticket type whether it is refundable or not.

Whether it is the official party hub Goa, heaven amidst hills Mcleodganj, Heaven on Earth Kashmir, Bikers paradise Leh Ladakh, Beach haven Andaman, God’s Own Country Kerala or any other domestic destination in India that offers a great vacation, IRCTC Air is the best platform for low fare air tickets for domestic flights.