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In recent years, online flight ticket booking has become a popular way for people to plan their travel. With the advancement of technology, booking air flight tickets has become effortless and accessible to everyone. India is a vast country, and many people frequently travel across different states. The need for cheap domestic flights in India has increased significantly over the years. IRCTC Air is a service provided by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) that offers exclusive features for domestic as well as international flight ticket booking in India.

One of the significant features of IRCTC Air is the convenience it offers. Customers can book domestic flights in India from the comfort of their homes or offices through the IRCTC website or easy-to-use mobile application. The user-friendly interface of the IRCTC platform makes it easy for customers to navigate through different options and select their preferred flights. The online platform also offers a range of payment options, including credit and debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets, making it very convenient for customers to complete their payments online.

Another exclusive feature of IRCTC Air is the affordability of domestic flight ticket booking. Customers can avail of significant discounts on flight tickets through IRCTC Air. All the major Indian and international airlines are listed on IRCTC Air. Whether you want to travel on Air India or Vistara, SpiceJet, or Indigo, you can easily choose your preferred airline on IRCTC Air. The availability of so many different airlines makes it easy for users to find a flight as per their budget and if they want to travel in a low-cost airline or a premier one. Moreover, IRCTC Air users can also avail themselves of additional discounts and cashback offers by using specific credit or debit cards or mobile wallets. Currently, we are running a 7% instant discount on domestic and international flights for American Express card holders. There is also a 5% value back on booking with IRCTC SBI Card Premier. To know more about these exclusive limited-period offers, visit the official website at

IRCTC Air also offers several other benefits, including an easy cancellation and refund process. Customers can cancel their domestic flight tickets online through the IRCTC website or mobile application and receive a refund as per the airline’s policy. The platform also offers round-the-clock customer support to assist customers with any queries or concerns related to their bookings.

Undoubtedly, IRCTC Air is a valuable platform for flight ticket booking in India. By offering the lowest convenience charge of just Rs.100 on every booking, IRCTC Air ensures that its users get the best price every time. The convenience, affordability, and unique features offered by the platform make it an excellent choice for people looking to book cheap domestic flights in India. So, next time you want to take your dream vacation but budget constraints come in the way, simply visit the IRCTC Air app or website and make your travel plans happen. The biggest difficulty while booking a holiday is finding affordable flight tickets to your desired destination and with IRCTC Air, you are in good hands. To book your flight ticket online, get cheap domestic flights in India, or book air flight tickets anytime, anywhere, download the IRCTC Air app today!