A Handy Guide to Help You Travel Light

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While most of us love to travel, we also like to avoid the hassle of standing in long queues, changing too many flights and carrying heavy luggage with us all the time. Travelling should be fun, easy and involve as little effort as possible. While flight connectivity is not something we can control, flight ticket booking is something that can be easily managed if it is done on the right platform. Another thing that can be taken care of to ensure that your travel is smooth and seamless is packing light. Want to know a few tips that will help you travel like a pro?

Read on to find out.

  • Use a Lightweight Travel Bag: The first thing you need to take care of while packing light is to choose a lightweight bag. If you are visiting an international destination, then a light backpack would be ideal as you can carry it easily on the go.
  • Avoid Too Many Bags: Sometimes if we are carrying more than one bag, we tend to put unnecessary stuff just to fill the empty space inside the bag. If you have one sizable bag that can fit all your essentials, then nothing like it.
  • Do Your Research: Depending on which country you are planning to visit and how long you will stay there, do a little bit of research about what you will need at a particular place. Prepare a checklist and strike out all the things you can do away with.
  • Opt for Travel-Sized Products: Carrying a big bottle of your favourite moisturiser for a one-week holiday isn’t the best thing to do. From your make-up products to toiletries, make sure that you pack small travel-sized bottles that take up less space and are much easier to carry. Many things such as water bottles and umbrellas are available as compressible items so pack those instead.
  • Wear Your Bulkiest Clothes: Want to keep your warmest jacket but it is taking too much space? An easy way out of this is to simply wear it. It is usually cold on a flight so wear something comfortable underneath and keep yourself warm with a fancy heavy jacket or sweater.
  • Cut Down on Extra Accessories: It is true that vacation photos are a must and little accessories can instantly amp up any look. But instead of carrying your entire makeup kit and jewellery, it is better to select items that you know for sure you will be using.

Now that one part of your travel has been streamlined, it is time to focus on the other major aspect which is air tickets booking. When you are doing it online, it is important to choose only a reliable portal such as IRCTC Air so that you can enter all your personal information without any stress. Don’t let sketchy flight deals tempt you into booking flights at unauthorized websites. Trust only government-approved portals such as IRCTC Air and make your air travel experience memorable! Visit www.air.irctc.co.in.