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Fly to Gwalior in ‘The Heart of Incredible India’ & Discover Diversity at Its Best

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Home to the cultural and spiritual heritage of almost every religion in India, Madhya Pradesh is truly an exemplar of incredible diversity. From intricately carved temples to historic stupas, from beautiful palaces to grand forts, it is a delightful destination for architectural enthusiasts, nature lovers, history aficionados & adventure seekers. The natural beauty of this gorgeous state is equally varied as a large part of the area is still under forest cover. So, whether you want to enjoy an exciting adventure with your friends or a heritage trip with your family, Madhya Pradesh is a great place to explore.
Gwalior: The Timeless Fort City (Plane ticket booking)
With its stately splendour and thrilling panorama of wildlife, Gwalior is a hidden tourist gem that is full of surprises. Take a look at some of its most unique sites and offerings.
Tourist Attractions in Gwalior
– Ahiri Dance: Immensely popular among the locals of Madhya Pradesh, this vibrant dance form draws heavily from Indian mythology and can be performed by both men and women.
– Bhind: A historic city surrounded by three rivers namely Chambal, Kali and Sind, Bhind offers an insight into the life and times of royals and greatest Mughal emperors through its grand structures.
– Chaturbhuj Mandir: Sometimes called the temple of the four armed Lord, Chaturbhuj Mandir is famous for housing the world’s oldest known zero inscribed onto stone.
– Gujari Mahal: Located inside the famous Gwalior Fort, this beautiful palace was built by Raja Man Singh in the 15th century as a monument of love for his Gujjar queen, Mrignayani.
– Gwalior Fort: Overlooking the sprawling city beneath, this 8th-century architectural marvel is an unmissable sight as it dominates the city’s skyline with its immense grandeur and majesty.
– Jai Vilas Palace and Museum: A spectacular white European-style castle in the middle of Gwalior, this magnificent architectural gem spread over an area of 12,40,771-sq-ft is truly larger than life.
– National Chambal Sanctuary: Declared a national sanctuary in 1979, this area situated at a distance of about 105 km from Gwalior, protects the Chambal river ecosystem by providing shelter to a large variety of flora and fauna.
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