How IRCTC Air helps users get the lowest fare on international flights

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Want to travel the world on a budget but don’t think it is possible? Well, it is time to live all your dreams and satiate your wanderlust. After all, what’s the point of travelling if it doesn’t warm your heart and give you an opportunity to go all out! So, don’t hold back on travelling to faraway places to collect memories that will stay with you forever. If you’re worried about exhausting all your savings, then here’s a simple hack for you.

You must have seen travel bloggers visiting multiple exotic locations one after the other. So, how do they manage to travel without going overboard on their budget? The easiest way to save money during your travels is by getting the lowest fare on international flights. While this might seem an obvious hack, you would be surprised by the number of times you must have paid more for a flight ticket than was necessary. And it might be easier to get low airfares on domestic flights but with international ones, it can be quite a task. But not if you’re a loyal IRCTC Air user. If cheap international flight tickets are what you’re looking for, then it’s time to get the IRCTC Air app on your mobile devices. This easy-to-use app allows you to select from a wide range of flight ticket options and book one that’s most suitable to your needs. With some of the most popular international airlines easily available on this portal, you can rest assured that you’ll find a ticket as per your convenience. From British Airways to Air Arabia, from Emirates to Singapore airlines, all renowned airlines are accessible to IRCTC Air users. Other major international airlines include Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Gulf Air, Air France, Lufthansa Airlines, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways and many more.

Gone are the days when international travel was a luxury that could be afforded by a select few in the society. With so many airlines offering international flights at reasonable prices, most of us can travel the world at leisure. It is famously said that “if travelling were free, you would never see me again.” Unfortunately, this utopian dream cannot be made into a reality but at least we can try to reach as close to this ideal as possible.

What makes IRCTC Air such a good choice for booking international flights is that we charge the lowest convenience charge of just Rs. 59 per booking. You can try as many air ticketing portals you want but you will not be able to find such low charges anywhere. Bet you on that! Several portals also levy extra charges at the time of booking so that just when the user is about to book their ticket, the airfare goes up substantially. At IRCTC Air, we believe in complete transparency and want our users to get the best airfares possible. This is why we showcase the airfare break-up clearly while the user is booking their ticket and never add any hidden or extra charges at any stage of the ticket booking process. This allows us to offer the “lowest fare on international flights” to our customers and win their loyalty. In addition to this, we also provide free air travel insurance worth Rs. 50 lacs*, a benefit you will not find elsewhere. Most air ticketing portals charge extra money for insurance which is why several users prefer to opt out of it. But for all IRCTC Air users this air travel insurance can be availed free of cost, regardless of the flight type or class chosen.

For an avid traveller, the entire world is an oyster. Filled with beautiful destinations and unforgettable experiences that can bring a fresh perspective to their lives and we try to make that journey as easy as possible. So, if you want to travel to your heart’s content, download the IRCTC Air app today! Available on both App Store and Play Store. For ore information, visit