Best ways to get cheap flights ticket through online booking

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Eyeing a new destination but running low on funds? Now strike off all adventures from your bucket list without burning a hole in your pocket by using some simple tips and tricks. Here are 7 ingenious ways that can help you get cheap flight tickets while booking online.

  1. Be Flexible with Travel Dates: While business meetings are fixed, dates for a leisure tour can be moved around a bit. It’s always a good idea to check the calendar for the month you’re travelling in to see which dates reflect the cheapest airfare. Even a difference of one or two days can reduce the airfare by almost 50%. So, quickly browse through the calendar and select dates with the cheapest flight ticket.
  2. Set Fare Alerts: While visiting air ticketing portals, do remember to set alerts so that you’re notified about special deals and offers. And if the flight you’re interested in is selling out quickly, then you can get your hands on the last few available tickets before the flight is fully booked. It is also a good idea to follow the Facebook and Instagram pages of cheap air travel sites such as IRCTC Air so that you’re aware of their benefits, discounts, exclusive features and more.
  3. Opt for Local Airlines: Sometimes, well-known airlines price their tickets at a higher rate, especially if the route/destination is of a remote location. In such a scenario, it is better to find a reliable local airline if you want to get bookings of cheap plane tickets.
  4. Compare Multiple Websites: Even if you’re booking in a hurry, never forget to try a couple of cheap air travel sites to get the best deals. Many websites display lesser airfare in the beginning and then add charges on the last step. Make sure you’re aware of such gimmicks and use only reliable websites such as IRCTC Air.
  5. Gather & Utilize your Flight Points: If you fly frequently on a particular airline, then you can collect air miles that are part of loyalty programs offered by several airlines. Once you gather enough points, you can redeem the same to get cheaper airfare on your flight ticket.
  6. Choose Odd Hours: This one is especially apt for solo travellers as they can choose a flight in the wee hours of morning or very late at night as they are usually very cheap. If you’re travelling to metro cities, then you also avoid the day-time traffic and reach your destination in a short span of time.
  7. Use Discounts Wherever Applicable: Many airlines offer a good discount on the base fare of the ticket to students, senior citizens and government officials. You can make use of these discounts to save big. For instance, IRCTC Air offers leave travel concession (LTC) on flight tickets to all government employees so that they can travel with their family carefree.

It’s easy to get cheap airfare while booking flight tickets online by adhering to some of these practices. So, next time you’re planning that extravagant trip, make sure to save a few bucks by getting cheap flight tickets through online booking. And for a seamless and hassle-free air ticketing experience, download the IRCTC Air app today! Visit