Exploring India’s Hidden Gems: Destinations You Can Fly to with IRCTC Air

Convenient, hassle free, and quick – Air travel is becoming popular every passing day and there’s no stopping to the number of flight options available to the consumers currently.  With the industry leading in the correct direction rapidly, the consumer is open to explore and choose the most reasonable and suitable options for themselves.

As the data suggests, Indian aviation market is currently the fastest growing aviation market in the world, and thus driving the growth of civil aviation connectivity and infrastructure in India. Easy to say, Indian consumer is currently enjoying great perks when it comes to flying to domestic and International destinations.

Taking a cue from the current statistics, IRCTC came forward to launch one of the biggest air ticketing portals of the country, calling it ‘IRCTC Air’. Instead of confusing the customer, with this portal we wish to create a user-friendly space to book air tickets consumers who travel frequently or seldom for business or leisure.

Why book from IRCTC Air, you ask…? Well, first being IRCTC Air offers you the lowest ever convenience charge of only Rs. 59! We also offer an app for both, iOS and Android users for easy bookings on their mobile phones or any other electronic device like an iPad or Tab. An approved agency for selling tickets by the Ministry of Finance which ensures authenticity for the users.

While making bookings, you can also book multi city tours in one go the app/ website. We are an IATA approved agency, thus self-sufficient in issuance of tickets both, domestically and Internationally. Along with all these benefits, if you’re government employee, you can also utilise your LTC (Leave Travel Concession) while booking air ticket online on IRCTC Air.

Having left no stone unturned, we assure you booking tickets on IRCTC Air is the most convenient, comfortable, safe and reasonable experience you’d witness. So, what are you waiting for… get booking NOW: www.air.irctc.co.in