Exploring India’s Hidden Gems: Destinations You Can Fly to with IRCTC Air

Are you searching for a flight and ready to press that “Book Flight”, button? Well, there are some key rules to save time and get right to business when booking your most awaited trip. Here are 5 things that you must understand to book flight tickets.

  • First thing is to go easy on the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). There are several online third-party booking agents for airplane ticket booking, which will provide you the opportunity to select from variety of fares and airlines.
  • Especially if you are planning a long trip. You should know that airlines generally allow you to carry only a certain quantity of baggage, free of cost, the over and beyond is often imposed by the airline. So, carry only as much luggage as required.
  • When you wish to save your travel time. You need to check if it is a non-stop flight or has a couple of intermediate halts. So, if you think that you are getting the best deal on the price of your ticket, do check the number of intermediate stops that your flight may have and its duration.
  • It quite common that in some indirect flight itineraries you alight at one airport and take a connecting flight to your destination from some other airport within the same city. Sometimes, the airlines do not provide transport to take passengers to the other airport. So, make sure that you checked the flight’s itinerary thoroughly before you make the booking.
  • Unless it is an emergency, official, or an unplanned trip, you can plan your tour well in advance. If you are planning to travel for attending a wedding or any other social function, you can list out certain dates before the occasion day. Always try to be as flexible as possible with your dates. This will open up more options for you.

Emailer: – If you are planning to go somewhere then it is very essential to keep few things in your mind before booking your flight tickets. To go on OTAs, carry only required luggage, do check the intermediate stops, checking flight’s itinerary before booking and plan your tour will in advance.