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5 Reasons Why We Travel & The Next Big Things in the World of Travel

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So much of who we are is where we have been.” – William Langewiesche

Since time immemorial, humans have been travelling to faraway places and undiscovered lands to conquer an unquenchable thirst for exploring new frontiers. While travelling in ancient times was most challenging and dominated by trade, modern-day travels have come to cultivate a new meaning altogether. They are indeed far more comfortable and based mostly influenced by the urge to leave behind the humdrum and step out for a more intimate & recreational time with loved ones. If your travel itch takes you to all sorts of places and your wandering soul craves waking up to new destinations every now and then, then you’re not alone.

Here are 5 reasons why humans all over the world love to travel.

  • It is Liberating: Leaving your home and the world behind, discovering a foreign land and experiencing its true flavours can kindle a sense of freedom that is hard to find in a familiar place. If you’ve ever been to an island, closed your eyes and took a deep breath while hearing the music of the ocean, feeling the breeze in your hair and the soft sand beneath your feet, then you know the feeling. If not, we suggest you look upon for suggestions on the beach destinations you must travel to in 2021. And once you have a clear winner, don’t forget to make your airplane ticketing booking to your selected destination right away. With exciting benefits like lowest convenience fee of 50, free air travel insurance worth 50 lacs at zero cost on every booking, special LTC & Defence fares & flight reschedule facilities etc., IRCTC Air offers deals you’d not want to miss out on.
  • It is a Road to Meaningful Relationships: The shared experience of travelling brings people together. Whether it is a family holiday, romantic getaway or a trip with your friends, travelling together offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with one another and build happier relationships. It is also a great way to meet & connect with new people who could be fellow travellers or even locals and create new bonds over memorable moments.
  • It Offers Respite: Stuck in the rut of a demanding job or recently undergone an ugly breakup or an unexpected loss? Travelling to new scenery is the best remedy. Stepping away from an unhappy home or work life, both physically and mentally, not only brings with it peace of mind but also a fresh set of positive outlook and thoughts. So, escape the regular grind and admire the wonders of nature at a beautiful location or indulge in an exhilarating adventure. Because travel will not only help you escape but also heal. Don’t let your life be all work and no play, book a flight ticket here.
  • It is Food for Thought: We’ve all heard about how travelling makes one modest and offers a new perspective but is that all it does? Immersing yourself in a new culture, a new environment, a new society can challenge your worldview and broaden your horizons. If being a well-adjusted and well-rounded individual is your goal, the world is your school and travelling, the best teacher!
  • It is a Celebration of Life: Do we only travel when we are sad? No. Sometimes, we travel to landmark a happy occasion, celebrate a momentous event or mark new beginnings. And sometimes we don’t even need a reason to travel because travelling in itself is reason enough. After all, we travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.

New Age Travel

Can’t wait to plan your next vacation post the Covid-19 pandemic? Take a note of these key trends that will shape the future of travel and hop on the wagon.

  • Domestic Travel: In unfamiliar and unsettling times, humans crave comfort. And what can be better than discovering hidden gems in your own motherland?
  • Sustainable Tourism: From picking greener abodes to becoming more responsible tourists, eco-conscious tourism is on the rise.
  • Luxury Getaways: With isolation being key, high-end experiential travel and staycations in relatively remote areas will be the next big thing.
  • Microcations: Replace your Netflix binge-watch weekend with a micro-adventure to a destination closeby and slip in and out of work guilt-free.

Want More Reasons to Love Travel?

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