What Type of Traveler Are You?

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To each, his own is one of the most common cliches in the English language but that has not diminished the significance of its meaning. There are many different travel personality types, each with a unique set of preferences. This presents airlines and trains or any other mode of travel with a challenge to provide services that accommodate various types of travelers in tourism. IRCTC Air is one such platform that has adapted itself to the needs of its travelers by successfully integrating its services for faster accessibility and ease of booking.

Understanding Different Types of Travelers in Tourism

What kind of traveler are you? is a question that has perplexed everyone of us at one point or another with the answer making us reflect deeply on our pre and post-travel habits. We may be able to jot down our personality rather quickly if we know ourselves but if we are not that clear about our tourist selves then it is always helpful to get a better understanding:-

1) Adventure Seeker

Adventure seekers are one of the traveler types who love to get an adrenalin rush out of their trip. Be it trekking, rafting, and skiing.

2)Recharge Retreater

A recharge retreater is one of the different types of leisure travelers.A recharge retreater is a laidback tourist who doesn’t want to exert too much on their vacation. They just like to chill and recuperate from their work life.

3)Culture Vulture

A culture vulture is the type of tourist who likes to boost his cultural knowledge by undertaking experiences that are native to that place and embody its traditions and heritage. They interact with locals and gather as much information they can about the history and ethnicity of that place.

4)Party Nomad

A party nomad is the type of traveler who likes to party extensively and socialize at every event and occasion bringing a festive vibe to it.

5)Glam Packers

Glam packers are very particular about the way they dress and make sure they carry a whole lot of clothes and fashion accessories while they travel.


Backpackers keep it tough and real without bothering too much about little things as only the essentials are enough for their trip.


A spendthrift traveler spends lavishly on things without worrying about the money and looks to buy as many souvenirs as they can on their journey.

8)Budget Conscious traveler

A budget-conscious traveler takes care of every expenditure on the trip by differentiating on the basis of necessary and unnecessary expenses to get maximum satisfaction at the best price.

9)Lone Wolf

A lone wolf loves exploring places alone undaunted by what they will find their and always backing themselves to be up for any challenge.


The caravan is the travel personality type who loves group travel and firmly believes that the best experiences are those which are shared.

Now that you have learned about different traveler types which one defines you the best? Nonetheless, you can book flight tickets on IRCTC Air. The process is simple, the time is right so don’t think too much and book an amazing journey.