How IRCTC Made My Multi-City Bookings Process Simpler?

Exploring India’s Hidden Gems: Destinations You Can Fly to with IRCTC Air

Few months ago, I was browsing through the internet looking for lowest airfare domestic flights from New Delhi. I was planning a trip but couldn’t decide between Udaipur and Jaisalmer. After hours of thinking, I finally made up my mind to visit both places Udaipur and Jaisalmer. I had two perfect destinations on my list for a perfect journey. The next step which I had to take was to book air tickets. Although I had the option to travel in a Volvo bus I decided against that. In the end, I chose flight over any other means of transport for comfortable travel.

I didn’t prefer any specific website or travel portal for flight bookings so I made a random search. The moment I entered ‘flights from Delhi to Udaipur’, multiple links of travel websites appeared on my screen. Most of the links that I opened were made superficially attractive with unreal benefits like 90% off on ticket prices. Once I read all those offers I was confused as to which website to choose for air travel booking online. Finally, one of my friends advised me to book tickets through IRCTC. Here’s my personal opinion on the features of the IRCTC website, especially it’s functioning:

  1. The website has a highly interactive user-interface- I had to make multi-city flight bookings from New Delhi to Udaipur and then from Udaipur to Jaisalmer and then back to New Delhi. To book the air tickets, all you need to do is choose the multi-city option on the IRCTC Air website and enter the places from/to where you want to fly. The rest of the process required minimal input for me and I made my bookings very easily.

    Moreover, once you select the flight, you are required to enter the passenger details and choose a payment option. One can not only domestic flights but can also book lowest airfare international flights and cheap air tickets from London to Delhi.

  2. Flawless payments and transactions- In the overall process of air ticket booking, the part that I enjoyed the most was of payment. From the multiple payment modes that were available on the website, I chose to pay through my credit card which is also the most preferred online payment option. The payment landing page only took a few seconds to complete the transaction and sent the tickets on my registered email account. I even suggested one of my friends book the air ticket from Mumbai to Delhi the day after I booked the tickets online and he had the same experience as mine which was excellent.

    The entire pricing of air tickets was affordable and light on my pockets. Most importantly, when I booked the air tickets through IRCTC Air, I was able to check all of the essential information related to the flight which included:


  1. Boarding/Arrival points
  2. Baggage Allowance
  3. In-flight meals (if any)
  4. Type of flight
  5. Cancellation Policies

Since IRCTC Air is a government portal, I was not surprised to see such an effective and user-friendly platform at all but was glad that my personal information asked for during the booking was in safe hands. I would personally advise everyone to book tickets through IRCTC Air be it air tickets Delhi to America or for any domestic destination and enjoy hassle-free flights.