Exploring India’s Hidden Gems: Destinations You Can Fly to with IRCTC Air

IRCTC allows users to book flight tickets fast with its seamless and fast user interface. Using online services is usually the best way for people to find these deals because of the enormous number of benefits which they offer. There are a number of online agencies which provide the same kind of offers, in this situation, it’s important that we can choose the best online portal.

If you are looking for the best portal for to flight tickets then you should go on IRTC Air which is a government authorized flight ticket booking portal.

Here are the key features of IRCTC that you

1) Convenience fee of 59/- which is very low

IRCTC has the lowest convenience fee among all airline carriers which attracts a lot of tourists and travellers. This low cost helps people save money and spend more on other experiences on their journey.

2) User friendly App and website

IRCTC app is very user friendly as it provides a seamless experience while booking. The app also stores previous search data to streamline results whenever you search for any query.

3) Approved for issuing tickets in Government account by Ministry of Finance

Booking tickets with IRCTC is always reliable as it is approved for issuing tickets in government account by ministry of finance.

4) LTC Air Booking

LTC stands for leave travel concession which provides reimbursement of air fare to government employees whenever they take a flight for their holiday.

5) Multiple payment options present including International cards

IRCTC appeals to all users as it offers multiple payment options to check out immediately after reviewing all the information on the pre-confirmation page.

6) Government organisation under Ministry of Railways- Trust factor

Trust has never been an issue as IRCTC is directly overlooked and supervised by the ministry of railways

7) 24/7 call centre

IRCTC’s customer support is always there to answer all your queries all the time with its 24/7 call centre.

8) Multi city booking option on website

The joy for businessman is real as they can book multi city flights on IRCTC’s website to travel quickly between metros.

9) App available both on iOS and Android

The app available on both IOS and Android makes it easier to connect the app with both apple and other phones.

10) IATA approved so self-sufficient in ticket issuance

IRCTC is IATA approved which allows it to issue tickets on its own and not relying on any other party.